Posted by: cjjj1 | September 9, 2008

2000 Gods

The ancient Egyptians believed in many gods and goddesses. Each god/goddess’ was different, with a different to keep peace among the land. It was important that the people worshiped these gods so that life continued smoothly. With more than 2000 gods to worship each one was essential to life.

Some examples of the gods/godesses’ jobs:

  • Ra- the sun god and lord of the universe
  • Anubis- the god of embalming and the dead
  • Osiris- the ruler of the underworld
  • Sobek- the Nile god
  • Horus- god of the sky
  • Shshat- the goddess of measurement and writing
  • Tefnut- goddess of moisture
  • Khnum- the creator god and the god of inundation (the yearly flooding of the Nile River)

The Egyptians strongly believed in their gods. The records left behind gave us insight on their beliefs. Some gods were even feared because of how powerful they were. There were many gods, but rather than living on an isolated mountain or in an unreachable heaven, many of them lived invisibly in the mortal world. The gods acted through sacred sites, animals, items, or even chosen people. The Egyptian people had views on almost everything, from the afterlife to the way the world was created.

The Egyptians believed that the world started off with just Nun. Nun was the dark waters of chaos, and one day a hill called Ben-Ben rose out of those waters. On the hill was Atum, the first god. Atum coughed up the goddess of moisture, Tefnut, and the goddess of air, Shu. Shu and Tefnut had two children. One was the goddess of the sky, Nut, and the other was the god of the earth Geb. Shu lifted Nut up as a cover for Geb, explaining why the sky is over the earth. Geb and Nut had four children: Osiris, Iris, Seth, and Nephthys. Osiris and Iris were king and queen of the earth for many years, but jealously would end it. Seth, wanting to be king of the earth himself, killed Osiris. While Seth became king, Osiris went down to the underworld, and became king there. Osiris and Iris’ son, Horus sought revenge. Battling against Seth he regained the thrown, and Horus became king of earth.


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