Posted by: cjjj1 | September 10, 2008

Christavia’s View of Religon in Ancient Society


            Over 3,000 years ago in Africa their lie many societies in which we call today ancient societies and they lived their lives through the eyes of a pharaoh which spoke to the gods. Religion played a very important role in ancient societes. Religion was saw as the center of ancient socities. Religion determined aspects of everyday life of the peoples in ancient societies. Gods were thought to control everyday life and control the ways in which people were punished and rewarded. In some ancient societies they built temples inorder to please and make gods happy for example in Mesopotamia, Sumerians built ziggurats, which were temples that sored to the heavens. 

          During times of hardship peoples of the ancient socities would go to pharoahs or priest/kings to look for answers from the gods. Because pharoahs or priest/kings  were saw as links to gods they played a major role in controling and leading people. Phaorah or priest/kings lead people in a  way that when they leave this world that they’ll be able to be some where, where they could be with the gods and live a better life than they did when they where here on earth.


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