Posted by: cjjj1 | September 15, 2008

Jessica’s view of religion in the ancient world.

Religion in ancent sociteties is the main buliding block for the culture and government in Egypt, Mesopoatmia, and China. The beliefs of people could either be the rise or fall of an empire. Causing conflicts or bringing people together, religion is extremly important in those ancient societies.


Egyptians beliefed in gods and goddess. Only the pharaohs were known as powerful god themselves. Putting them in complete control. The people put faith in their pharaohs. Problems occured when a pharaoh, Akhnenaton, challenged the priests. He wanted a revolutionary change in the religion. Priests were sacred and powerful enough to compunicate with the gods themselves. The change that Aknenaton wanted to pursue, would cause an overthrow of an empire.

The Egyptians belief system was not that much different from Mesopostamia’s. With different gods, they believed in more than one. Without these gods, chaos and tragedy would fall throughout the land. Although, in Mesopotamia new religions were introduced. Such as Zoroastrianism, which is still practiced today by ten of thousands of people. Many monotheistic religions were introduced in Mesopotamia, such as Judism. Most of them were accepted by the people.

In China things were not much different. The Indus Valley people believed in more than one god, but they also believed in sacred animals. These animals, such as cattle, they worshiped. Though there were many different religions and cultures in China, each one played a part in history.  Depending on the religion of the city, usually the political and social systems were based off of it.


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