Posted by: cjjj1 | September 21, 2008


By:Jessica Jones

The government in Sparta was much different than most nations. Sparta’s revolved their civilization around war and military. Sparta had state-owned slaves called Helots. The Helots outnumbered their rulers, so they set up a brutal-sytem of strict control. Two kings and a council of elders advised the monarchs, but an assembly of citizens made important decisions.

Womens rights were almost as equal as men’s rights. While the men went to the army, the women stayed at home and were expected to produce healthy sons. The women still had to obey the men, but they were aloud to inherit property, whle the men were away. They were giving resposiblitlies and were told to strengthen their bodies, that no other Greek women did.

Sparta’s culture was based on governmant and war. They isolated themselves from the world. No trade or traveling were aloud. Wealth, arts, and new ideas were not needed becuase the only thing the Spartans cared about was the power in their military. Every newborn that was sick or weak was abandoned to die.

The army is everything in Sparta. From the age of 7, boys were sent away to become strong soilders. Trained with a tough diet and hard exercise. Boys were encouraged to steal food, but if caught they would be beaten. There was no mercy while training. In their way of life, the people of Sparta did not know anything other than war and power.



  1. Jessica,

    It seems to me that Sparta’s government was actually quite similar to what we call today “democracy”. Please see my post on this matter: Capitalism is from Athens, elected government is from Sparta. What do you think?


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