Posted by: cjjj1 | October 29, 2008

What do you think when you hear “The Middle Ages”?

By: Christavia Johnson

The wonderful world of Hollywood is known for twisting and bending reality. The Middle Ages has been a victim to this, just like many other historical truths. The Middle Ages is portrayed as a land full of dragons, wizards, and heroic knights. Everyone was dirty, but the women were gorgeous. Cartoons, videogames, and movies have put a fantasy Middle Ages in our minds.

The real Middle Ages was quite different. People wanted saftey so they turned to feudalism. Peasants and vassals looked to central lords or masters for protection. An agreement was reached and in return, labor and aid was serviced to the lord. Most medieval homes were dark and cold. Especially for peasants. Peasants had barely any rights, and were treated somewhat like slaves.


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